Servicing learning that engages head, hands and heart.

What is the Virtual Visiting program?

The Take Love Virtual Visiting program is an opportunity for your school to engage in service learning: experiential education that combines learning goals and community service. Students participate by virtually visiting residents in one of Anglicare's residential aged care homes for four weeks.

Students learn about older people and aged care while making a new friend. After four virtual visits, students develop a creative project inspired by their new friend and present it to them at a face-to-face morning tea.

A workbook with pre-learning and reflection activities is included.

What are the benefits?

The program gives students the chance to form a deeper understanding around community needs, grow in empathy and develop new life skills. By engaging their head, hands and heart, students learn through a cycle of action and reflection while achieving positive objectives in their community.

How does it work?

The program is separated into four parts over a series of weeks:

  1. Learn: A trained Anglicare representative will introduce the program to students and share insights into residents’ personal needs and the general needs that exist in the community.
  2. Serve: Students are partnered with a resident and engage in a series of virtual visits.
  3. Present: Students develop a creative project that represents what they have learnt about the resident. They then have the opportunity to gift their final piece to their assigned resident at a face-to-face morning tea.
  4. Reflect: Students think back on what they gained from this experience and how they positively impacted the community.