Leading youth can be both immensely rewarding and challenging, especially when helping guide them through difficult stages of life.

If you'd like to equip your leadership team so they can support their youth groups with confidence, get in touch and we can send the Anglicare Youth Services team to visit. Our team can equip your leaders with tailored mental health training to help them shepherd the next generation.

Youth Leader Training

Duration: 2 sessions (3 hours each)

Training includes:
  • discussion of mental health and illness (including a focus on depression and anxiety)
  • the role and responsibility of Youth Leaders
  • creating safe people and places
  • how to respond in crisis and non-crisis situations
  • referral options
  • a theological understanding of mental health and illness
  • the importance of good self-care
  • how to respond to self-harm
  • helping youth help their friends
  • role plays and case studies