Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a broad term that describes a pattern of behaviour where someone uses power and control over another, that causes fear and intimidation. It usually happens between people who are (or have been) in a relationship, or between family members. Unfortunately, abuse can happen between friends and work colleagues too. There are many types of abuse, including physical, sexual, verbal, financial, emotional, psychological, technological and spiritual abuse.

Your Youth Group Snapshot*

Based on the number of girls and boys in your youth group:

  • girls will experience physical or sexual violence by a partner.¹
  • boys will experience physical or sexual violence by a partner.²
  • girls will experience emotional abuse.³
  • boys will experience emotional abuse.⁴
  • will be socially excluded, threatened or abused online.⁵

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*This snapshot is an estimate and does not cover all forms of abuse.